“WITHIN the Time and Place” EP dropped!

Noriko Shakti’s new EP is out now!

Those songs are dedicated to dance production “WITHIN” which is directed by Ashley Lobo from The Danceworx, Mumbai.


The Story behind “WITHIN”

In May 2020 under lockdown, we, artists in Mumbai, Delhi, Goa & Tokyo collaborated through online meetings, rehearsal and did streaming live. The motive of “WITHIN” is the current situation.

I produced & composed music and performed Tabla for this entire production while being stuck in Goa.

With Jazz, Electronic, Bass, Oriental, Chill hop and Indian Classical based sounds, I put my multiple background of music all in.

No matter where we are and what we do, 2020 has been a struggle for everyone. Because of the lockdown, us dancers and musicians have lost all the spaces where we can co-create our arts. To us, all of this feels like “War”.

These are the tracks I composed for the online contemporary dance production “WITHIN” in May 2020.

Presenting “WITHIN” – A collaborative online dance production of artists from India and Japan – Mumbai, Delhi, Goa and Tokyo where movement, music, spoken word & visual arts come together.

This EP consists of 5 songs, which I remotely composed for the ”WITHIN” project in May 2020 in Goa during the lockdown.

The first chapter of the show starts with a song I named “CovidWar”, evolving and progressing all the way to the beautiful finale where the dancers perform an act of prayer for the future, straight from their own homes. And the final song called “WITHIN the Time and Place”. I hope you enjoy it.


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Track List

  • Track 1
    The lead song is called “CovidWar”. Layered elements of electronic sounds depict a surreal world.
  • Track 2
    Returning back to your roots and memories with the comical jazzy song “Those Days”.
  • Track 3
    “Summer Reminiscing” invites you to the zenspace to balance your contradictory thoughts and states.
  • Track 4
    “Tensei Taal : Reincarnation” Japanese word Tensei (転生) means reincarnation, as Taal (rhythm pattern, Indian classical music term) is often referred to as a never-ending cycle of beat.
  • Track 5
    “WITHIN the Time and Place” In WITHIN, evolving and progressing all the way to the beautiful finale where the dancers perform an act of prayer for the future, straight from their own homes with this track.


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Happy Gandhi jayanti! I'm covered by Today's news paper & online "New Indian Express". I talked about my new EP, musical journey in brief. Check my new EP, link in bio. BTW, today is Gandhi ji birthday, I'd like to share a part of my draft for this interview. Love and conscience🤘 — Music genres are intricately related, and all connected. In Music world, appropriation: Quotation: Sampling always happens, before people started talking about “Cultural appropriation”. When I was writing final thesis for my Ph.D, I generalized music a lot, for the sake of explanation. Categorization can be done for analyzing something. But as an artist I like to flow around musical concepts, borders and try whatever my instinct says. In 2012 when I came to Kolkata for the first time, I was shocked that once I came out of my room, people would randomly call me chin- chun-chong (usually towards Chinese, Nepali, North East Indians in India) everywhere, everyday. That was mean, but they just didn’t know things. And I was anyways too outstanding on the street in Kolkata that time, practicing Tabla with other Indian male students, oh, strange. I am happy to see that everyone started talking racism now a days. Racism agitates ego. I don’t want borders, love to enjoy every moment and possibility. — https://www.indulgexpress.com/culture/music/2020/oct/02/goa-based-noriko-shakti-talks-to-us-about-her-new-ep-and-erasing-artistic-borders-with-her-sound-28544.html

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  • Music produced, composed, mixed and mastered by Noriko Shakti


Credits of Art

  • Cover Art Direction: Nataliya Yakovchik
  • Logo Design: Ashish Bisht
  • Graphic Design: Nastya Pryanikova
  • Camera/Edit: Pratidhani Tamang


Credits of WITHIN

  • Director & Script – Ashley Lobo
  • Dancer – Nobue Aichi
  • Dancer – Yuko Harada
  • Musician / Producer – Noriko Shakti
  • Spoken Words – Ramneeka Dhillon Lobo
  • Moderator – Aoi Ishimaru (Japan Foundation)
  • Technical Director – Manu Saksena (Art Unites)
  • Producer – Shohini Dutta (Friends of ART)

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