Biography (English)

Noriko Shakti is a Music Producer, Composer, and Tabla player from Japan.

In 2020, She produced music and performed Tabla and Khartal for the online contemporary dance show “WITHIN” which is directed by Ashley Lobo from Danceworx, Mumbai. Later released those songs as concept EP “WITHIN the Time and Place”, received critical acclaim for its eclectic musicality from left-field Electronica, Indian Classical, springy Jazz to laidback Breakbeats, got coverage by Rolling Stone India, The New Indian Express, Wild City.

Started her career as a DJ in Tokyo. Her interest in eclectic music brought her to India. Moved to Kolkata, India. Earned a M.A. in Tabla under the Indian government scholarship scheme. Now pursuing a Ph.D.

In India, has performed concerts, festivals, appeared on TV recordings. Those activities often have been covered by papers and magazines. Her Tabla performance video on YouTube crossed 1M views organically.

In 2021 the song she produced, composed and sang “Anatani Kimeta (I Choose You)” is released by KRUNK – Japanese Enka lyrics into one of the most famous and blissful Indian Raga scale “Raga Bhoopali” on Triphop beats. This song is a reflection of Noriko Shakti’s experience, practice – Music production & composing in Tokyo, Indian Classical Music apprenticeship & research in Kolkata, and songwriting & singing influence from Japanese pops.

While making film score to wicked vibes on the dancefloor, she is motivated to create a new sense of value with an understanding of multicultural contexts.


バイオグラフィ (Japanese)


2020年インドでロックダウン中、国際交流基金をスポンサーに日本とインドのアーティストがコラボレーションし、世界的に著名な演出家Ashley Lobo (Danceworx)がディレクションしたダンスプロジェクトの音楽を全面プロデュース。ライブストリームで好評を得たのち、オリジナル楽曲をコンセプトEP”WITHIN the Time and Place”としてリリース。エレクトロニカ、インド古典音楽、ジャズからブレイクビーツまで、その折衷的な高い音楽性で評価され、ローリング・ストーン誌新聞などにインタビュー記事が掲載される。




2021年にはインドのアンダーグラウンド・ダンスミュージックレーベルKRUNKより新曲をリリース。自身でプロデュース、作曲、歌唱した”Anatani Kimeta (I choose you)“は、日本語の演歌調の歌詞をインド古典音楽で有名なラーガ、”ラーガボパリ”の音階にのせて歌ったチルアウトソング。ダンスフロアにも対応するベースを効かせたトリップホップ・ビートにシタールが絡む、小さなジュエリーのような一曲。マルチカルチュラルな世界観を表現している。


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